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In memory of Harvey Postlethwaite
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Many thanks
Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar

Our first thanks go to the Studio Grafico Passaparola which, together with Meditars, helped us through the arduous task of putting together our virtual book.
Thanks also to our new “radio set”, the London English Studio’s Roger Yates, a real trackside enthusiast, for all of the translations.
And to satisfy fully your curiosity we chose some freeware sites from this sector, to which our thanks: Grand Prix and F1 Legend.
Finally, a special thanks, superfluous but our duty, to those of Harvey's friends who are helping our growing research with their written contributions.
In order of appearance:

Gian Carlo Minardi
Mauro Forghieri
Valerio Maioli
Austen Rose be continued

Harvey... the mind
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